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"Stephanie Varone is Minnesota's "Go To" National Anthem Singer" - The Star Tribune


"Stephanie is a serious professional and delivers an outstanding anthem each time she performs for the MN Timberwolves & MN Lynx. She's extremely easy to work with and is always welcome to sing at the Target Center."- Chris Vanderbeek, Manager of Game Presentation and Production, MN Timberwolves & MN Lynx


"The Minnesota Twins are proud to have hosted vocalist, Stephanie Varone as a part of our pre-game/in-game music!" - Glo Westerhal, Community Relations Coordinator, MN Twins


"Stephanie, I have wanted for some time to thank you for the wonderful National Anthem singing that you do for the Swarm.  As my son Andy and I were watching you last Saturday, we both agreed that you are an incredible performer.  I especially love your rendition of the Canadian Anthem when you switch to the French version.  I noticed one of our Quebec players singing along with you at that moment on Saturday, which tells me you really grab our players attention as well.  Thanks so much for doing an amazing job for the Swarm!"

- John J. Arlotta, Owner and General Manager, Georgia Swarm (Formerly MN Swarm) Professional Lacrosse Club

"Stephanie Varone is a talented performer with a great voice." - Billy Ray Cyrus, Award-Winning Country Music Artist


"I like Stephanie's music a lot.  It kind of surprises me.  I hear a lot of stuff that's pretty mediocre and hers is way cool!" - Dan Truman, Award-Winning Keyboardist Diamond Rio

"Stephanie really has a rare sense of melody.  Her songs are always so easy to remember and sing along with.  What I find the most compelling about Stephanie as a songwriter is that every time she shows me a new song, it reminds me of some old song I used to enjoy listening to on the radio when I was a kid…just a really, really great feeling." - Michael Bland, Producer &  Award-Winning Drummer 


"Well-crafted songs with memorable hooks are what drew me into this project.  The powerful, honest vocal delivery of Stephanie Varone is what got me to stay."  - Tommy Barbarella, Producer & Award-Winning Keyboardist 

"Stephanie Varone mixes up her old school soul with all my favorite current styles to create a beautifully intelligent pop sound."  - Kevin Bowe, Award-Winning Songwriter